Sightseeing train

or also: tourist train, trackless train, city train, road train

20-80 seats
180 cm
245 cm
12-15 m
turning circle
24 m
max. length
25 km/h
max. speed

Sightseeing trains consist of one locomotive and a maximum of four trailers. Trailer doors can be locked and are equipped with safety chain.

We can flexibly adjust the passenger capacity of the trains to 20-80 people by changing the number of trailers connected to the train.

The vehicle is fitted with padded seats. A transparent foil protects sightseers from rain or wind.

The trains are equipped with a built-in media system:

  • amplification by microphone in the trailers
  • GPS guidance system
  • playing of own soundmaterial (from pendrive in MP3 or WMA)
  • AUX port



  • Height: 245 cm
  • Width: 180 cm
  • Length: maximum 24 m (with 4 trailers)
  • Turning circle diameter: 12-15 m

The maximum speed of the sightseeing train is 25 km/h.

Every sightseeing trains have license plates, therefore they can circulate in public vehicular traffic.

The train can only be rented with the driver.