Excursion from Sopron to Fertőrákos

Complete package to discover
Sopron, Fertőrákos and the Fertő-area

About the tour

This package was set up for tourists who would like to get to know this region in an organized way. The program package includes the contents of Sightseeing Sopron and Sightseeing Fertőrákos, expanded with a visit to the Pan-European Picnic Memorial Place, and free time at the Fertőrákos Stone Quarry.


The complete excursion takes 7 hours

Departure points

Various departure points are available

Audio guide

  • english
  • german
  • hungarian


This program package provides a full experience of the region’s sights and tips on places to visit. 

At a gentle travel pace, tourists can learn about the sights while comfortably taking photos and making videos from the panoramic amusement vehicles. 

The information you can learn during the tour from loudspeakers has been compiled by tour guides and tourism experts.

We take the trip on board a sightseeing train that is protected against rain and wind by a transparent foil therefore you can take the trip in bad weather, too.

Departure places and times

9:00 - Hotel Sopron (Fövényverem street 7)

9:30 - Hotel Szieszta (Lővér blvd 37)

9:35 - Hotel Lővér & Hotel Fagus (Bus stop Várisi street)

10:00 - Old town (Main square)

Other departure points can be requested for groups

Arrival times

15:55 - St. Michael's Church (near Hotel Sopron)

16:05 - Paprét (exit option near the old town)

16:30 - Hotel Szieszta

16:35 - Hotel Lővér & Hotel Fagus

16:55 - Old town (Main square)


We start this program for guests by reservation. The seats are reserved in the order of registration.

Book your place in time by filling out the registration form.

The program will be started in case of a joint of min. 15 persons.

  • 1

    Sightseeing Sopron

    This program provides a full experience of Sopron’s sights.
    It also includes the sights farther away from downtown that would be more difficult to reach on foot.


    The tour covers the following sights:

    • Castle district
    • Fire tower
    • Széchenyi square
    • Ógabona square
    • Deák square
    • University of Sopron
    • Lőverek
    • Sopron Mountains


    A few famous people with links to Sopron you can hear about during the tour include:

    • King Matthias Corvinus
    • the poets Sándor Petőfi and Dániel Berzsenyi
    • the great statesman Count István Széchenyi
    • the composers Franz Liszt and Johann Strauss


    Exciting stories, legends and anecdotes enrich the interesting facts about Sopron, the so-called poncichters and the famous Sopron wine.

  • 2

    Travelling through Sopronkőhida to the Pan-European Picnic Memorial Place

    During the trip, we provide information on the prison in Sopronkőhida.

  • 3

    Visiting the Pan-European Picnic Memorial Place

    1,5 hours of free time. Opportunity to visit the memorial park, which was built on the site of the border crossing in 1989.

  • 4

    Shuttle service to Fertőrákos

    On the way, we can get to know the history of the Pan-European Picnic through the fate of a family.

  • 5

    Free time activity at the Quarry of Fertőrákos

    2,5 hours of free time while you can have lunch and visit the Fertőrákos Stone Quarry.


    The Stone Quarry offers an interactive theme park, outdoor and indoor trails for visitors. There are also several lookouts that offer a beautiful panorama.


    The Quarry Entrance Fee and Lunch Fee are payable separately and are not included in the program fee.
  • 6

    Sightseeing Fertőrákos

    Our Fertőrákos programme provides a full experience of the village.


    The tour covers the following sights:

    • Quarry of Fertőrákos
    • town walls
    • church
    • pillory
    • Bishop’s Castle
    • school
    • Fertőrákos now and then
    • Fertő-Hanság National Park
    • Mithras Cave
  • 7

    Shuttle service to Sopron

    The sightseeing train departs back to Sopron and drops you off at the stop where you got on.

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