Excursion from Sopron to Fertőrákos

1 day long excursion to discover Sopron, Fertőrákos and the Fertő-area


Excursion from Sopron to Fertőrákos


The program package includes Sightseeing Sopron and Sightseeing Fertőrákos, enhanced with a 1-hour-long boat trip, transfer between the two locations and 1 hour of free time activity each at the Roman Quarry of Fertőrákos and Lake Fertő. The complete excursion takes 7 hours.

Content of the program package:


Sightseeing Sopron

Sightseeing train in Sopron Firewatch tower Outlook from Lőverek

This programme is ideal for tourists visiting Sopron. It provides a full experience of the town’s sights and tips on places to visit. It also includes the sights farther away from downtown that would be more difficult to reach on foot.

At a gentle travel pace, tourists can learn about the sights while comfortably taking photos and making videos from the panoramic amusement vehicles.

The information you can learn during the tour from loudspeakers has been compiled by tour guides and tourism experts.

We take the trip on board a sightseeing train that is protected against rain and wind by a transparent foil therefore you can take the trip in bad weather, too.

The tour covers the following sights:

  • Castle district
  • Fire tower
  • Széchenyi square
  • Ógabona square
  • Deák square
  • University of West Hungary
  • Lőverek
  • Sopron Mountains

A few famous people with links to Sopron you can hear about during the tour include:

  • King Matthias Corvinus
  • the poets Sándor Petőfi and Dániel Berzsenyi
  • the great statesman Count István Széchenyi
  • the composers Franz Liszt and Johann Strauss

Exciting stories, legends and anecdotes enrich the interesting facts about Sopron, the so-called poncichters and the famous Sopron wine.


Shuttle service to Fertőrákos

Shuttle service to Fertőrákos

En route, you can learn about the Sopron wine region and the prison in Sopronkőhida.


Free time activity at the Quarry of Fertőrákos

Roman quarry of Fertőrákos Secret of Cave Mithras

1-hour long free time activity. You can also choose one of the these optional programmes:


  • Visit to the Quarry of Fertőrákos
    • After several years of restoration the Roman Quarry of Fertőrákos can be visited again. Interactive theme park, indoor and outdoor trails await visitors. Several lookouts have been developed, with a beautiful panorama.
    • Entry-fee
      • Adult: 1800 Ft
      • Child, Student, Pensionist: 1200 Ft
      • Family ticket: 4000 Ft
  • ’The Secret of Cave Mithras’ trip
    • During the journey to the Mithras sanctuary we drive through the Fertő-Hanság National Park, where an insight into 2000 years secret religion are obtained. Towards the place of the Iron Curtain can be seen, we admire the panoramic view of Lake Fertő and we learn more about the legend of Hany Istók.
    • Price of the program
      • For families with hungarian guiding
        • Adult: 1000 Ft
        • Pensionist: 900 Ft
        • Student: 900 Ft
        • Preschooler: 500 Ft
      • For families with english / german guiding
        • Adult: 4 €
        • Student: 3 €
        • Preschooler: 2 €
      • For groups with hungarian guiding
        • Adult: 900 Ft
        • Pensionist: 800 Ft
        • Student: 800 Ft
        • Preschooler: 450 Ft
      • For groups with english / german guiding
        • Adult: 3.60 €
        • Student: 2.70 €
        • Preschooler: 1.80 €

The sightseeing train leaves at 12:00.


Sightseeing Fertőrákos

Fertőrákos Excursion in Fertőrákos, you can see here the pillory Gray geese along the road leading to Lake Fertő

Our Fertőrákos programme provides a full experience of the village. The tour covers the following sights:

  • Quarry of Fertőrákos
  • town walls
  • church
  • pillory
  • Bishop’s Castle
  • school
  • Fertőrákos now and then
  • Fertő-Hanság National Park
  • Lake Fertő

We arrive at Lake Fertő passing through its reeds then we return to the departure point, Fertőrákos. During the tour, you can hear local stories and legends on how the lake was formed.


Boat cruise in Lake Fertő

Boat cruise in Lake Fertő Fertőrákos viewing from the lake Fertő

On the cruise, we take a round trip on the Austrian and Hungarian side of Lake Fertő.  The ship departs from Fertőrákos, turns back at the 6200-seat Water Stage in Mörbisch and finally returns to Fertőrákos without stopping. From the boat you can see the stilt houses in Fertőrákos, Fertőrákos and Mörbisch in Austria. On the cruise, the captain presents you the flora and fauna of Lake Fertő. Duration: 1 hour.

In the port, adults are greeted with a glass of Sopron wine, and children with a glass of soft drink.

After the cruise, you have an hour of free time at Lake Fertő. You can go for a walk and see the stilt houses, have a bite to eat in the snack bars or go for a swim in the lake.


Shuttle service to Sopron

The sightseeing train departs back to Sopron via Fertőrákos at 15:15 and drops you off at the stop where you got on.




Departure places and starting times

For families the departure times of the program are shown on the following timetables (ordering needed).
For groups we can start the program at any time.



Between 16 June and 3 September, on every Wednesday

  •   9:30 - Hotel Szieszta
    Sopron Lővér blvd 37.
  •   9:35 - Hotel Lövér
    Departure from the bus stop
  •   9:50 - Deák square
    Mátyás király str. station
  • 10:00 - Hotel Sopron
    Sopron Fövényverem str. 7.

In other times, it is an opportunity to join to a group.
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For families with hungarian guiding

  • Adult: 5100 Ft
  • Pensioner: 4300 Ft
  • Student: 4300 Ft
  • Preschooler: 2600 Ft

For groups with hungarian guiding

  • Adult: 4500 Ft
  • Pensioner: 3800 Ft
  • Student: 3800 Ft
  • Preschooler: 2300 Ft

Group leader (1 Person) free
Group prices minimum 20 people

For families with english / german guiding

  • Adults: 20 €
  • Student: 17 €
  • Preschooler: 10 €

The english / german guiding is only by free waggons available.

For groups with english / german guiding

  • Adult: 18 €
  • Student: 16 €
  • Preschooler: 9 €

Group leader (1 Person) free
Group prices minimum 20 people





We start the program for guests by reservation. The seats are reserved in the order of registration.
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